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We have devoted a lifetime to this sport, race tracks, & dosage. This is why we know what works and what doesn't. From dirt, poly, pro ride,and turf. It all comes down to horses for courses,and what we have discovered is not seen on the average picks sheet. Our Product shows you why you must change your way of betting to survive in this sport No other books that we have seen has gone into the areas that we bring to the betting public. Knowledge is power It is plain and simple, without the proper knowledge, and a good back-wheel system that works, you will continue to lose

our membership is constantly growing and
we challenge anyone to come close to our win percentage. We sincerely hope that you too will enjoy finally being able to pick that long shot horse from the pack. this is why our system is used by many tournament players world wide. Our tournament sheets will point out winners you might not have selected.We already spent over 40 years in this game, and know first hand what works. uFrom Dubai to Cr system is used by many

To visit our sister site please click on the Harvard& Yale link marked, "Streetsmarts". You can order from either site. Again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members both old and new.
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