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Many handicapping systems advertised try to sell you a generator. For you to submit your own stats you have to download and program into this generator which can give you numerous readings. If the pace today is faster than the previous race then horse "A" will win.If the pace is slower than the last race then horse "B" will win.

The facts presented might all be good if we say this horse always ran the same distance and always on the same track , but in the world today we have
a global picture with many trainers sending shippers. This is a big factor: When going to a different track, or surface your track variance will also change.
Another big factor is if this horse goes from a 5 horse field to a 12 horse field (plus draws an outside post position) again this too will have a major impact
on the race results.

Our system disk not only takes many of these factors into consideration, but will show you different angles, on how to cash those winning tickets.
We have race tested our system and as we speak we have yet another handicapping tool presently being field tested for our members to incorporate
into their handicapping strategies.

So, why pay $5.00 AND MOREfor race data, when we provide our picks which go thru a battery of tests? They must meet all of our criteria. Belmont, Churchill,
Delmar, Calder, Hollywood.Today race tracks are not all alike!! Starting points and track biases are all different. To put it in laymen terms we do our homework and refuse to take a back-seat to programs currently on the market. That is why we are still rated #1 by our members and continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

If your intentions are to make some serious money and stay one step above the competition, then give our product a try. In this game remember:

It really IS what you don't know that can hurt you!




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