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WE have noticed that other handicapping systems have been trying to copy some of our slogans, but that is about all they are Able to copy.
Our picks are some of the highest Roi's and ITM'S currently on the market. Here is the breakdown to remember the goldmine handicapping system disk PRO 5 is $99.00. The picks we post for our members ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE! Included are our handicapping sheets & selections or many of the major races. THIS IS NOT A GENERATOR . Sometimes the fastest horses do not win the race, Therefore we put the horse to the course , Poly, Proride, or Turf, we specialize at the situation at hand
,and this is the main reason this disk is used world wide. If you do not use a back-wheel system and cover yourself, guess what? you lose

We believe that generating picks is an unreliable method which can not foresee the human element in any race. While informative and helpful
in its' own right generating data can not give the entire picture for handicapping the next race.
With 40 years of expierence we know what works and what doesn't. We at Goldmine Handicapping are making this special offer to new members. Purchase our disk and play our picks using the GMH SYSTEM.f you have not made your money back for the price of this purchase at the end of 30 days you may request a full refund of the purchase price.
You must keep all of your tickets for confirmation.

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